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Removing or Updating a Storage Connection within iAnnotate.

 In iAnnotate, you can easily to update your document storage method through the app. If you're looking to remove entirely or update a storage connection, follow the steps below for a smooth process

Streamlining Storage Connections

New Login or Password to Your Cloud Storage Account? 

If you've modified the username or password of a cloud storage account outside of iAnnotate, you’ll need to resync these changes with the app. This requires removing the existing connection as shown below, then re-adding it to the app.

Removing Local Files?

These files exclusively reside within iAnnotate, and there is no external backup or recovery through iCloud device backup.If you choose to remove "Local Files", all files stored inside of iAnnotate WILL be permanently deleted as these are not backed up by the cloud.

A Simple Removal Process

  1. Access the Storage Library: Launch the iAnnotate Library by selecting (+) icon located in the top left corner. 
  2. Navigate to Storage Options: Tap the house-shaped cloud icon to redirect to the iAnnotate Library's home screen. You'll know you've reached this when you see storage connection icons sorted by headers "Quick Access" and "Storages".
  3. Select the Storage to Remove: Tap the grey circle to the left of the storage location icon. A checkmark will confirm your selection. 
  4. Confirm Removal: Tap the trash icon positioned at the bottom of the screen. Confirm your decision to delete, and the process is complete. 

Clarifying Cloud Management

Removing Cloud Storage

Disconnecting a cloud connection from iAnnotate does not permanently delete data. Instead, it severs the connection between the iAnnotate Library and your cloud-storage account, keeping your data preserved and easily accessible.

Deleting Documents Saved to Cloud Storage

Please note that deleting a document from the cloud drive while using iAnnotate will lead to the permanent removal of that document from the cloud drive.


By following the steps outlined above, you'll be able to manage your storage connections with confidence.

If you need further any help through this process, contact our support team at help@folia.com


Updated: January 2024