Adding Storage Connections to iAnnotate

Access any of your files in iAnnotate by plugging into a cloud storage location like Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and more. Learn how using the following steps.

Note: iAnnotate supports DropBox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, iTunes File Sharing, Local Files, and WebDAV

How to Connect Your Cloud Storage Account

  1. Access iAnnotate Library: To start, navigate to the iAnnotate library by tapping theplus icon in the top left corner.1-Jan-24-2024-10-14-12-9195-PM
  2. Initiate Connection: Next, select the add storage plus button-6 icon located in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select Cloud Storage Tool: Tap "Add storage" at the top of the pop-up menu. Opt for the storage connection of your choice, and if needed, personalize the name. Tap "Save" to confirm your preferences.
  4. Finalize Your Connection and Access Your Account: Since your cloud storage account requires authentication (entering a username and password), tap the corresponding storage icon from the list of storage options. You'll then be prompted to enter your login credentials. Upon doing so, you're officially ready to access files from iAnnotate.

An Extra Layer of Insight

Connection Capabilities: Since Local Files, iCloud, and iTunes are tied to one Apple ID, you can only add a single instance of each storage location in iAnnotate. With other cloud connections, like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive, you can add multiple accounts to include more than one instance in iAnnotate.

iAnnotate & Google Shared Drives: At present, iAnnotate does not extend support to Google Shared Drives. To understand the reason behind this, learn more here: Google Shared Drive.

iCloud Accessibility: While iAnnotate allows connecting to iCloud, the integration does not grant full access to your iCloud library. Instead, a designated iAnnotate folder will be added within your iCloud files.

For a deeper dive into the iCloud connection, take a look here: Why Aren't All Of My Documents Available In My iCloud Storage Connection?


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Updated: January 2024