Bug: Cache Clearing Error in Annotate

We realize iAnnotate may be taking up a lot of unexpected storage on your device. Our engineers are working hard to fix it.

Is iAnnotate taking up more storage on your device than it should? 

We know. And we're sorry. iAnnotate currently has a bug that's causing data to take up more device storage than normal... even if you're storing to a cloud server. 

Why is it Happening?

iAnnotate cares about keeping your annotations protected, so you can work on the go and not have to worry about losing annotations or hours of work, for that matter. To prevent this kind of loss, iAnnotate caches (a fancy term for "storing data - in this case annotations - so that it can be easily referred back to") your annotations in the background.

Just like a physical storage container, there's not unlimited space. This is why apps like iAnnotate are set to clear out their cache automatically. iAnnotate does this when it syncs to the cloud while connected to wifi.

Unfortunately, iAnnotate currently has a bug preventing the automatic cache-clearing. And as a result, the cache grows taking up more device storage.

Is there a workaround? 

While there is a workaround, deleting and reinstalling the app, we do not recommend this unless absolutely necessary. Deleting and reinstalling your app will result in you losing all of your app customizations, including custom stamps and toolbars. There is not currently a way to back up these customizations for future use and you would need to manually create them again with a fresh app install.

Deleting the app will also delete any local files stored in iAnnotate. Using iCloud back up will not save the files saved locally or the app customizations. (Local files can be backed up to a cloud storage manually: How to Transfer documents from one storage connection to another)

Therefore, we advise against deleting and reinstalling the app unless you are willing to part with any local files or app customizations that you have made.

Our Game Plan

Our engineers continue to work hard to fix this issue, which will be released by way of app update. We will keep you updated as soon as we resolve it.

Thanks for being patient with us. 

Need Help in the Meantime?

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