Ink annotations

Ink annotations allow you to draw in many colors, thicknesses, and opacities.

Ink Annotations are available via the pencil tool or apple pencil always inks. For more information about apple pencil always inks go here: Apple Pencil Always Inks

Editing an ink annotation

The toolbar for the Ink tool includes other options as well:

The undo and redo buttons allow you to adjust any marks made while you're making the annotation. Once the Ink tool is dismissed, undo and redo will no longer function for that annotation.
You can change the thickness, color, and opacity of the Ink line by tapping the colored square. 

The eraser icon allows you to erase parts of you annotation. The thickness of the eraser can also be adjusted. 

You can rotate the annotation or create a stamp from the annotation via the annotation menu as well. 

The color, thickness and opacity of the annotation can also be adjusted after the annotation is finished. To do so, tap the annotation, then annotation specific menu will pop up in the top right corner.