How to Use the Project Fast Switcher

Navigate quickly between Folia projects and files using the Project Fast Switcher.

Before getting started, ensure you are within In-Project View or In-Document View.

From within a project or a document, locate the Side Panel icon in the top left corner of your screen situated to the right of the Folia logo (this icon looks like two connected rectangles with an arrow pointing to the right). 

Get Started with Project Fast Switcher

  1. Tap the Side Panel icon. This will open the Left-Side Panel for you to begin using the project fast switcher. You'll notice that the Side Panel icon turns blue when the panel opens.
  2. Within the Left-Side Panel, you'll see the name of the project you're currently working within listed at the top. Listed below that, you'll see the name of each document that's been added to that project.


How to Jump Between Projects

At the top of the left-side panel you'll see a drop-down icon next to the current project's name.
  1. Tap on the drop-down menu to reveal the list of all projects within your Folia Workspace. Note: Your most recently visited projects will be at the top.
  2. Select the project you'd like to quickly move to.


How to Switch Between Documents

Locate the list of files under the "All Documents" subheading. This will show all files within your current project.
  1. Select the document you'd like to access. A simple tap will pull up the new document. 
  2. To access a file in a separate project: First, select the drop-down next to the document name to choose the project you'd like to enter, then choose the document you'd like to access.


How to Standardly Move Between Projects

Without the Project Fast Switcher, the standard way to move to a new document is by tapping the Folia logo in the top left corner of your app. This will navigate you to the project gallery where you can select any project within your Folia workspace, then access your chosen file.


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Updated June 2024