How to Share a Folia Project

Oh really, I can invite anyone to a project? Even if they're on the waitlist or are not a Folia user?

Folia lets you invite anyone to a project without requiring a new account.  The invitee will get access to the project and files in it based on their access control, which you manage.

Invite Others Easily

  1. Start by tapping the three dots - if you're in the Project Gallery - in the bottom right corner of a project card.
  2. Or, if you have a project open already - tap the "Share" button in the top right part of your screen. 

This will open the share menu:

  1. Simply add your invitee's email address to the email field.
  2. Select the collaborator permissions you'd like to give them - Viewer, Contributor, or Editor. 
  3. Then tap "Send Invite". They'll get an email invitation to join your workspace!

You can adjust a collaborator's permissions at any time.


Help Article Access Settings

Sharing Permissions in Folia

  • Viewer: Users with this permission can only view the documents and annotations inside of your workspace.
  • Contributor: Collaborators of this status can view and add documents to your shared projects and make their own annotations.
  • Editor: At this level, invitees can view, add, and delete documents. They also can annotate documents, and invite other project collaborators.

Share & Collaborate Immediately

Anyone who currently has access to Folia can share a project to any email address, regardless of whether that recipient has access or is on the waitlist or has never even heard of Folia.  The recipient will be able to skip the waitlist and get immediate access.  🎉

Once the person creates an account, they will get access to all the extra collaboration and sharing features and of course, the ability to create new projects!

Invite Others Securely

Even when you invite non-Folia users to collaborate on documents, you still get the same level of enterprise-grade security. That's because you own how your data is stored, who's invited and the shareable links to control who has viewer, editor, or contributor access.


Need help sharing Folia projects with collaborators or have questions about security? Reach out to our team at


Updated May 2024