How do I delete a document?

The following steps will explain how to delete documents from the iAnnotate library.

Documents deleted from local files will be permanently deleted. Local files are not backed up outside of iAnnotate, including iCloud back-up. 

Tapping the "X" on the orange tab next to a document name will only close a document and not delete the document. The closed documents can be located in the iAnnotate library. Follow these steps to delete a document from the iAnnotate library. 


1.  From document view, tap the "+" in the top left corner to navigate to the iAnnotate library. The first view will be the most recently accessed location in the library. This might be a folder or the general library page where all storage connections are shown. 

2.  You might find your document here or you might need to tap the house cloud to navigate to the main storages library page. 

3.  Once your document is located, tap the circle next to the icon or name of the document so that a tick mark appears in the circle. 

4.  Tap the trash bin icon at the bottom of the page and confirm the deletion. 

Documents deleted from a cloud connection will be deleted from the cloud connection. They may or may not be accessible via the cloud server's recently deleted section. 

iAnnotate does not have an recently deleted section.