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How Do I Transfer Documents From Version 3 to Version 4?

The best way to move files out of iAnnotate PDF (v3) is to use the "send to iTunes" and connect your device with iAnnotate PDF (v3) to a computer. The steps to do this are below.

Follow these steps to move files out of version 3:

1. Tap the files/folders you would like to move (so that a check appears in the circle)

2. Tap "actions"

3. Tap "send to iTunes"

4. Connect your iPad/phone to the computer with a cable, like you would to sync the devices.

5. From a Mac computer: select the finder icon (File viewer in PC)

6. Find your device on the left side and select it.

7. Select "files" then "iAnnotate PDF"

8. Select the files you wish to save and move by dragging them to the desired location. 

(Adding them directly to a cloud server in this step would streamline this process.)


Once your documents are out of v3 you can then import them into v4. The best way to do this is by adding them to a cloud server from your computer and then adding that cloud server connection in iAnnotate.

Adding a storage connection in v4:

1. Tap the "+" in the top left corner
2. Tap the house cloud icon 1-2 times until you are on the main storages page. Shows "quick access" and "storages"
3. Tap the "+" in the bottom right corner
4. Tap "add storage connection"
5. "add (storage type)"  and save.
6. If log-in is required. Tap the storage icon. You will be prompted to authenticate

You can also send them over via iTunes from the computer similarly to how you got them out of v3. You would need to first add the iTunes connection in v4. 

Add the iTunes connection in iAnnotate
1. Tap the "+" in the top left corner
2. Tap the "+" in the bottom right corner
3. Tap "add storage"
4. Tap "add iTunes" and save
Then you will connect your device with v4 to your computer and move the files from your computer into the to iAnnotate v4 folder.