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Google Shared Drive

iAnnotate does not allow for Google Shared Drive connection.

Due to potential data loss on collaborative/shared Google Docs, the Google connection with iAnnotate does not allow for shared files or folders.
This is because iAnnotate does not write to your files “live” in Google Docs. When you’re annotating a file in iAnnotate, it’s briefly saving into iAnnotate and then will periodically save to Google Docs (or whatever cloud storage you’re using). This is to protect data in the event you lose wifi and also allows for off-line use.
For example, if you and a coworker accessed the same document from the Shared Google Drive, each made annotations, and then tried to save it back, it could cause some of the annotations to not be saved.  You would have to ensure that only one person were accessing it at a time.
The workaround for this is to create a copy of the document, save it to your Google Drive, access it in iAnnotate, save it to your Google Drive when finished annotating, and then re-save it to the shared drive.