How to Use the Annotation Toolbar in Folia

Folia's annotation toolbar keeps essential tools in reach for simple, efficient, and precise annotations. Here's all you need to know about Folia's toolbar.

Getting to Know the Toolbar


The Pencil includes three pre-set color and thicknesses that you can change at any time.

  • To Change the Color: Tap on the small grey arrow underneath any of the three pre-set colors. This will open the color menu where you can choose any available color and adjust its opacity using the sliding scale next to the icon that looks like a tear drop. 
  • Adjust the Pencil Thickness: Change the pencil's thickness by using the sliding scale next to icon that shows three rings. You can choose a thickness between 1 through 20.

Folia Toolbar 2 - pencil


  • Change the Color: Like the Pencil tool, tap on the small grey arrow underneath a preset color to reveal the menu of colors and select a new highlighter shade.
  • Underline & Strikethrough: Nested within the highlighter tool you'll find Underline and Strikethrough features. Tap on either tool to customize it's color and begin using it.

Folia Toolbar 3 - highlighter

  • Leave a Comment Anywhere: Once you've selected the comment tool, activate it by tapping anywhere on the document. This will place the comment pin and open the commenting field. Simply tap on the comment fied to activate it then start typing. Once you've finished, tap the icon of an upward pointing arrow circled in black to save your comment.

Folia Toolbar 4 - comment


  • Access the Default Stamp Library: Tap the Stamp icon to open the library of stamps included in Folia. Select a stamp of your choice, then tap anywhere on a document to pin it to the page. Note: On the "Recents" tab, stamps will be sorted by your most recently used.
  • Customize Stamps: Add custom stamps to your stamp library through the stamp library pop up, or through the text and and image tool. Both the text and image tool feature an "Add Stamp" icon (this looks like the standard stamp icon with a plus sign). Tap the "Add Stamp" icon, name the custom stamp through the pop up menu, then tap "Create" to save your new stamp. You'll then find the custom stamp in your stamp library.

Folia Toolbar 5 - Stamp


  • Change the Color & Thickness: Similar to the Pencil tool, you can customize the color and stroke width of any shape by tapping the small grey arrow to adjust the color, opacity, and thickness.
  • Shape Options: Square, Circle, and Arrow are all nested within the shape tool. Simply select the respective shape to begin using it.

Folia Toolbar 6 - Shape


  • Add Typed Notes: Select the text tool then tap anywhere on the document to activate a textbox. The Text tool's menu will remain open while you're using it.

Folia Toolbar 7 - Text


  • Pull in Images from Anywhere: Add pictures from the camera, photo library, or files. Simply tap the image icon, then choose where you'd like to access your image from.

Folia Toolbar 8 - Image


  • Remove Whole Annotations: With the "Object Eraser", remove specific annotations (i.e. shapes, images, highlighter, drawings) with a single tap.
  • Partially Erase Mark Ups: Use the "Pixel Eraser" (shown with the dotted lines) to precisely erase handwritten or hand drawn annotations. When you've selected the "Pixel Eraser", you can adjust the size of the eraser by tapping the "Thickness" icon (which appears on the right side of the eraser toolbar) using the sliding scale.

Folia Toolbar 9 - Eraser

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Updated June 2024