Flattening A PDF

Flattening a PDF makes the annotations permanent and no longer editable. iAnnotate allows flattening from two locations in the app.

When sharing your document, you see the default option to share as an Annotated PDF. This type of PDF is editable in most PDF viewers. Choosing to send as a Flattened PDF, on the other hand, will make your annotations permanent. This allows the PDF to be viewed in most any type of viewer. Also, you should flatten the document if you are going to print.


Here are the steps to flatten a PDF when sharing: 

1. From document view, tap the share icon in the top right. 

2. Select "document type" from the. menu that pops up.

3. Select "flattened PDF" from the options menu. 

4. Adjust any other settings as necessary from the advanced menu.

5. Share by your desired method by tapping share. 


Steps to save a flattened copy of the PDF in iAnnotate: 

1. Navigate to the location of the document in the iAnnotate library ("+" in top left corner --> house cloud icon --> storage location --> document)

2. Tap the circle of the document so that a check appears in the circle. 

3. tap the "..." at the bottom of the screen. 

4. Select "flattened" 

iAnnotate will create a flattened copy of the document. You will now have the original document and a flattened copy.