Changing the email address used to send documents from iAnnotate

iAnnotate uses the default email selected in the settings app of your iPad to email documents. This can be changed in settings. For single use changes the email from line can be changed to any email account added to the ipad.

Follow these instructions to change your default sender email. 
1. Open the settings app on your iPad
2. Tap "Mail"
3. Tap "default mail app"
4. Select the mail app you want to use. A check mark should appear next to the account you want as your default.

If the email you want is not listed then you will need to add it first.
Here are the steps to do this:
1. Open the settings app on your iPad
2.  Tap mail
3.  Tap accounts
4.  Tap add account and follow instructions to add your account. 
- here you can also update any passwords by tapping on the account
you need to update.