Do I need an Apple Pencil to use iAnnotate?

No, an Apple Pencil is not required to use iAnnotate, but an Apple pencil is a great asset when using iAnnotate.

Apple Pencil is not required to use iAnnotate, however iAnnotate. However, you might find certain features are easier and more convenient to use with an Apple Pencil.

A finger can be used for any of the tools offered. You can also use a generic stylus, but for best results we recommend an Apple Pencil when a stylus is being used. 

We have two use settings when using an Apple Pencil The Apple Pencil can be used to "always ink" so that it always acts like a pencil and inks when touched to the page or it can be used as a general tool allowing for scrolling, etc. 

The default setting for the Apple Pencil is to automatically annotate when you use it (Apple Pencil Always Inks). If you would like to scroll with the pencil you can disable apple pencil always inks.

Turn off/ on "Apple Pencil Always Inks":

  1. From iAnnotate document view, tap the "+" in the top right corner
  2. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner
  3. Tap "app settings"
  4. Tap "annotation"
  5. Turn "apple pencil always inks" off/on