Customizing the toolbar: adding, removing, and rearranging tools and tool customization

The toolbar is customizable. Tools can be added, removed, customized, or rearranged to meet your annotation and workflow needs.

Adding Tools:

Tap the toolbox icon at the top of your toolbar --> find the tool you would like from the tool library --> hold down the tool you'd like to add --> drag it to the toolbar.

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Removing Tools:

Tap the toolbox icon --> hold down the tool you'd like to remove --> drag it off the toolbar

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Rearranging Tools:

Tap the toolbox icon --> hold down the tool you'd like to remove --> move it to the location on the toolbar you would like the tool to be. Do not move it off the toolbar or this will remove the tool rather than reorder it.

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Customizing Tools: 

Some tools, like pencil, highlighter and stamp for example, can be customized. If you add more than one of these tools to the toolbar it will prompt you to customize. Generally the first tool of its kind will use a default color. If you only want one tool but custom color and this was not offered here, then this can be changed once you have added the tool to the toolbar and closed the tool menu. Once a tool is used the color of the annotation made with it can be changed, (meaning the color change is specific to the annotation made on the page) keeping the default tool color on the toolbar the same. 

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